Mobile Wallet round up

Mobile wallets have been a hot topic for the last several years. The complexity of the offering combined with the numerous players implicated has meant that technical advancements are not always in line with business considerations.

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Philip Fasano
Executive vice president and chief information officer

Kaiser Permanente’s mhealth concept video

At some point the overwhelming benefits from modernizing our healthcare system will catch up to the hold outs and coupled with the new government incentives for meaningful use and the impending explosion of new people covered by health insurance it looks like a huge opportunity to increase performance in an industry category the is 40 years behind.

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Ford’s Microsoft problem

The entirely rational leaders at Ford saw the need to improve their products and distinguish them in a crowded market. Its been obvious for a long time now that the car would get internet access and additional “smart” capabilities. Ford looked around and chose Microsoft as its technology partner.

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Dan Schulman, group president, Enterprise Growth, at American Express

NFC adoption: 4 to 6 years out

American Express group president Dan Schulman says that wide spread adoption of NFC technology is four to six years out. Schilman cites one key but sometimes overlooked issue: its not a value proposition change, its a form factor change.

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Verizon buys Hughes Telematics

Local Atlanta company Hughes Telematics has been in the automotive data space since before it was cool. Today Verizon announces that it has purchase Hughes Telematics for $612 million in cash to add the company’s machine-to-machine (M2M) connected car technologies and services to its existing capabilities.

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FCC allocates spectrum to MBAN

The FCC has allocated 40 megahertz in the 2.3 GHz frequency band for medical devices in hospitals and at home. The move allows cutting wires out of the equation but also simplifies the vast array of medical devices currently using unlicensed or multi-use spectrum.

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Peak Civilization: The Limits to Growth

The basis of much of the Club of Rome’s work was the use of computer simulation called World3 to run scenarios to help predict future outcomes. That in and of itself was a fairly revolutionary concept.

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Future of Mobile Money – infographic!

Infographics are so last year but this one from SapientNitro is really good. Going beyond the usual numbers and stats, the infograph actually tackles some of the main problems facing mobile money adoption and clearly delineates the players, the paths and the potential.

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Screen Shot 2012-05-16 at 3.39.30 PM

Understanding the knowledge graph

Today Google introduced a new feature in its search environment, the Knowledge Graph. The stated goal of the project is to help users find information faster and more easily.

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Snake Garden - 5 30 11

Snake Garden 2012 on Pinterest

I have followed Pinterest and used it for THINK but I really had not used it until now. I needed some content and a theme to work with so I picked the garden project. Snake Garden is now in its second incarnation. Produced in conjunction with Jason Vise.

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