DVB-H in Europe

From MocoNews:

“Frost & Sullivan has reiterated its belief that DVB-H will become the dominant mobile TV technology in Europe…given a few years. It said the same thing five months ago and I guess can only be encouraged by recent EU moves to free up spectrum for the technology. The reason given for the success of DVB-H is the backward integration with DVB-T, the current digital TV standard.”

From the press release:

“The fight for the mobile TV standard in Europe will be won not by the first standard introduced in the market, but by the most efficient, economical and future-ready one, even if it (DVB-H) is a few years down in line,” explains Frost & Sullivan ICT Industry Analyst Pranab Mookken. “DVB-H is likely to become the European standard and delivery mechanism for mobile TV in Europe by 2010 as it perfectly complements the existing digital TV standard and is likely to solve the spectrum allocation issues in the preferred UHF band.”

“Since they are already available, broadcasters and operators may consider the use of DAB-IP and T-DMB delivery mechanisms for the interim period before the introduction of DVB-H,” notes Mr.Mookken. “Also, successful trials over DAB-IP and a readily available mobile TV packaged product from BT Movio could tempt operators to experiment with these alternatives.”

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Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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