Sprint’s Family Locator Service

Sprint launches a service that allows family members to locate eachother via the cell phone for $9.99 per month.

From Sprint:

“Sprint Family Locator is an inexpensive way for families on the go to stay in constant touch. Mom, Dad or a trusted caregiver can locate loved ones without disturbing their activities, receive notification when a child enters or leaves a designated area, and quickly and easily send text messages to one or more family members.

The application uses GPS technology to determine the location of authorized mobile handsets, which it then displays on an interactive map. Sprint Family Locator also provides an intuitive interface for text-message communication and account management. These features are accessible from both a registered mobile handset and the secure Sprint Family Locator Web site.”

From Daily Wireless:

It includes privacy and security features such as:

  • Permissions – To activate the service, parents can list up to four phone numbers they want to locate. For additional security, the parent creates a safety word that the parent and child both use only during the registration process to ensure permissions have been granted by both parties. Parents can also give permission to others, such as a grandparent or nanny, to locate a child.

  • Locate – When a parent requests the child’s location, Sprint Family Locator uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location and display it on an interactive map, along with the street address and surrounding landmarks, on the parent’s or guardian’s phone or PC. The child is notified by a text message each time his or her location is provided to the parent or guardian, ensuring open communication.

  • Contact – Once the child is located, the parent or guardian can immediately call or send a text message to the child’s phone.

  • Safety Check – The parents can set alerts to notify them when the child arrives at a specified location, such as a school, home or a relative’s house at a designated time. For example, a parent or guardian can be notified whether a child has arrived at school by 8:15 a.m. each day.

  • Reports – Information on recent location requests is provided in text and map form.”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

One Response to “Sprint’s Family Locator Service”

  1. While I can see the valid uses of this technology. The technology is quite amazing. I have some pause in unfettered enthusiastic support for the product. My paranoia quickly ran into overdrive with thoughts of an overenthusiastic government tracking me, or worse my wife keeping tack on me or perhaps my boss wanting to know just what I am up to and just where I am when he is paying me.

    Now I know that I am being paranoid here, as the government would not breach my right of privacy with this technology, umm wait on, did they not just install a monitoring office in a phone company, are they not doing this already. I guess the government is doing it so that pipe dream of freedom just bit the dust, but I know my partner would not do it, umm, maybe. My boss I know would, the only thing stopping him is his tightwad attitude, he may do the math and find that it is cheaper just to pay me rather than pay extra to find me.

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