MTV’s Jason Hirschhorn

Ad Age has a long article about MTV and its Chief of Digital, Jason Hirschhorn.

From the article:

“Few other companies have a position as elevated as his with purview over domestic and international digital media. He oversees mobile, broadband and video-on-demand strategy — he’ll meet with Sprint one day and with Microsoft the next, and he has convinced his bosses of the importance of being everywhere the MTV viewer might want to be.”

The strategy:

“MTV Networks has adopted a strategy that goes against the grain of tradition syndication: Mr. Hirschhorn calls the process “exporting an experience” — whether it’s Overdrive on Windows Media Center, a “Laguna Beach” MySpace profile or Urge, the Microsoft digital-music joint venture set to debut in mid-May.”

Social Networks:

“We can aggregate the audience not only on our destinations but other destinations in order to sell more inventory,” Mr. Hirschhorn said. “Social networks are huge but starving for programming, and that’s a very good thing for content companies, especially those that are on multiple screens and have the quality and scale of programming.”


“MTV has been very aggressive with moving media to cellphones worldwide, averaging 2.5 million mobile video streams a month. A good example would be the network’s latest mobile play — Pocket VH1. It’s essentially a mobile channel with a library of on-demand programming, much like Windows Media Center or a cable VOD experience. Ms. Imm recalls showing it off at CTIA, where someone paid it the highest possible compliment. “They told me, ‘That’s really Korean of you,”‘ she said. “


About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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