Wired E3 Predictions

Well that explains it. I didn’t realize E3 was this week. Wired makes some predictions.

From the blog:


  • “Microsoft will take advantage of the fact that people have piled into their conference to hear about Halo 3 by spending 45 minutes talking about Windows Vista. We’re all basically doomed — we know that Vista is a major focus of Microsoft’s conference, and I am assuming that I will have to do something to keep myself awake.
  • Halo 3 will actually be shown off, in the form of a two-minute trailer. But it won’t be out until holiday 2007.
  • Five first-party Xbox 360 games will be playable: Mass Effect, Crackdown, Viva Pinata, Gears of War, and Too Human.”


  • “Remember the amazing surprise when Twilight Princess was shown off at E3 2004? Nintendo’s press conference on Tuesday will be something on the order of two dozen of those “holy shit!” moments, all strung together. Fanboy tears will flow.
  • Mario, Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Bros. will be shown for Wii, but that won’t be the extent of the lineup. There will be plenty of new franchises geared towards the casual market. Expect Nintendo to also show plenty of tech demos that may or may not become full products.
  • Wii’s graphics will be better than expected, but (of course) significantly less detailed than PS3 and 360.”


  • “Sony will spend much of their press conference talking up the online and multimedia functionality of PS3. There will be much pomp and circumstance surrounding packed-in content on the hard drive (which will be internal and standard), downloadable content, and online play.
  • The actual playable PS3 software, much like the Xbox 360 showing last year, will be underwhelming. But to make up for this, Sony will announce and show in trailer form a wide variety of exciting PS3 exclusives, stuff of Metal Gear Solid 4 caliber, to keep people excited.”

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Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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