Telephia Mobile Game Report

A new report (PDF) on mobile games sales is out from Telephia.

From TMCnet:

“Mobile game sales continue to show strong performance during the first quarter of 2006, with wireless consumers buying more than 8.2 million games on their phones in March, up 53 percent from 5.4 million in January 2006 (see Table 1). The number of unique mobile game buyers also jumped significantly, surging 44 percent from nearly 3.5 million in January to five million in March.

The Telephia Mobile Game Report shows that EA Mobile, I-Play, Gameloft, Namco, Hands-On Mobile, Glu Mobile, THQ Wireless, Oasys Mobile, Sony Pictures Mobile, and Mobliss were the top 10 revenue generators, accounting for 75 percent of mobile game industry revenue.”

From MocoNews:

I guess it’s possible that the US industry is taking off but other regions are dropping, or that there was a large drop towards the end of last year — there are no year-on-year stats in the article.

Telephia get its data from the bills of 35,000 mobile consumers, which gives it a good idea as to what revenue has been generated. For example, it’s interesting to compare the top 10 games publishers as listed by Telephia based on revenue with the top ten games publishers listed by M:Metrics, based on downloads.


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