Turner’s David Rudolph on Super Deluxe and Second Life

I was fortunate enough to get an invitation to last night’s MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta event on “TV Transformed.”

From the website:

“New media” companies are being snapped up as industry stalwarts realize that they’re staring at a new reality. Despite the predictions for a new world of video on your PC, phone, MP3 player and even set top boxes, issues remain: how do you deliver TV-quality content over the Internet? Who delivers it? How do you make money? Who makes money? Is this the end of the TV Star? The technologies adopted will determine the future of what we’ve always known as television.”

The panelists were Jim Louderback from Ziff Davis, Michel Billard from Itiva Digital Media, David Davies from Scientific Atlanta (A Cisco Company) and David Rudolph from Turner.

I thought the panel was strong and gave a good overview of upcoming issues for video content distribution and consumption. Most of the questions were handled by David. It easy to see why he is a rising star at Turner. He commands and communicates a strong understanding of the content business.

I got a chance to ask two quick questions:

  1. What is going to be super about Super Deluxe?
  2. When is CNN going to open a news desk in Second Life?

David said Super Deluxe is going to offer high powered original content in a social network type of environment. Earlier in the presentation David made some great comments about meta-tagging content both from a content production and from an end user standpoint. It seems Super Deluxe will employ both methods of tagging content and thus will seek to provide an easier way to find relevant video entertainment online.

David said CNN was going to open a Second Life news desk “very soon.”


About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

3 Responses to “Turner’s David Rudolph on Super Deluxe and Second Life”

  1. Daniel,

    Any idea whether slides, podcasts, or a video of the forum is scheduled to be released?


  2. It doesn’t look like the Forum publishes any media from events.

  3. Hi- I’m with the Forum. We’re just kicking off a new program so that most all of our programs (if they’re taped in high quality) will be available to view from Itiva! Itiva has generously donated this for us. We’re currently working on uploading the October Stem Cell event; if we get a good quality copy of the tape from TV Tranformed, we’ll put that up next.
    Thanks for asking…

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