13 Tips for bring Brands into Second Life (Kzero Update)

Gary Hayes takes a look at AOL Pointe’s Second Life build and comes up with 13 tips for brands coming in-world. Go read the whole thing.

From the post:

  1. Don’t Become Virtual Just Because You Can
  2. Make Joining Simple, Accessible and Branded
  3. Once In World – Hold Their Hand, With Your Brand
  4. Design Multiple Levels of Navigation
  5. Decide Early On Your USP
  6. Make sure the Environment has Synergy with the Brand
  7. Be Sensitive to The World – Playful, Deliver Expectation and Have Depth
  8. Make the Experience as Personal as Possible
  9. If You Are Going to Provide Content Give Enough Choice
  10. Make Inworld Advertising as Integrated as Possible
  11. Be There In Person, Communicate and Learn
  12. Have as Much Content as Possible Inworld and Not on Weblinks
  13. Give the Environment Identity Make Social Activity Easy

Update: Nic over at Kzero points out that 13 is a very unlucky number. To save us all he has boiled this issue down to just 7 points! Way to go Nic! He is up to number 5 on Kzero – go check them out.


  1. “This is marketing, so have a plan
  2. Keep the builders at bay
  3. Integrate
  4. Giving is better than receiving
  5. Keep the seats warm
  6. Stoke the fire
  7. Promote and cross-promote”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

One Response to “13 Tips for bring Brands into Second Life (Kzero Update)”

  1. All good valid points. Although 13 can be an unlucky number for people.
    I managed to boil it down to the lucky seven:

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