Coke on Admob

Coke is working with Admob to promote its Bottle Films.

From the press release:

“As noted in study recently released by Tribilis, having an effective mobile “landing page” is a critical link in any mobile advertising campaign. (Note: the “landing page” is the page of a site that a customer is directed to after they have clicked on a text or banner ad. For more about mobile landing pages, read the MobiAD article).

The new web- based tools from Admob will assist their clients to build an effective landing page where they can direct the responses to the ads that are shown. This project with Coke is a beta test of the tools, prior to a full scale launch scheduled for later this spring.

A consumer who responds by clicking on the ad is brought to a Coca Cola landing page (see example at left).

On the landing page they are offered the chance to view one of the “Bottle Film” short videos. These videos have been used previously in Coke’s online ads, and this is the first time they are available on mobile (some examples of “Bottle Films” can be seen below).

There is also have the possibility to download the video to their phone so they can watch it again later or show it to a friend without additional download time or charges.

Finally, the truly “viral” part is that they can also directly share the video with their friends by sending it via MMS.”

From Mobile Entertainment:

“Coca-Cola Inc is using AdMob’s click-to-video mobile ad technology to reach subscribers in more than 160 countries.

The ads direct mobile web browsers to a Coke landing page where they can view a ‘Bottle Films’ short film. They include both graphical and text elements and use AdMob’s technology to target specific handsets with video capabilities.

“Coke is eager to reach its customers on the mobile phone as it is a highly personal device,” said Tom Daly, group manager of strategy and planning for Coca-Cola. “The AdMob Marketplace made it easy for us to engage our customers on carriers and handsets worldwide, using rich content from Coke’s Bottle Films.”

From Promo:

“Throughout Coke’s history, we have seen people use the brand, its icons and heritage as a creative source,” said Marc Mathieu, senior VP-global core brands, The Coca-Cola Co., in a statement. “In the 60’s, it was Andy Warhol, today it’s people all over the world on the internet developing their own interpretations of the brand. We believe the independent creative process is a vital part of our heritage. With this site we want to give a further opportunity for these imaginative minds to be part of our creative process.”

“The site will differentiate Coca-Cola from traditional company sites in that it will consist primarily of user-generated content,” said Tim Kopp, VP-global interactive marketing for the Coca-Cola Co. “The company plans to populate the site by users rather than by agencies.”

From TGAS:

“The brief for these animated spots was ‘Romance the product – show that Coke is happiness in a bottle.'”

TGAS also has links to the spots and the agencies that created them.

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Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

One Response to “Coke on Admob”

  1. Coke is one of the most recognizable and successful brands in history. Using Internet advertising strategies to promote coke products is a great idea.

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