Why Minecraft matters

I have been meaning to do a Minecraft post and due to the general lack of UFOs over my city, today seems to be the day.

Update: Crunchgear has an updated and better explanation of why Minecraft matters. And you need to watch the new Zero Punctuation review. Its both one of the most positive reviews I have ever heard him do, as well as cuts to the chase of the pathos of the game: nothing in life that is valuable is easy, and if its too easy it looses its value anyway.

Wow, top reddit comments:

At first glance you might think Minecraft and Second Life are very different, and you would be right.  Second Life is a virtual world built by people that came from a 3D modeling background.  They tried to dumb down modeling tools so they would be more accessible. Minecraft is built by a programmer. Making things is very easy but has an unbelievable depth.

In Second Life people made games to play but the foundation of the experience was not based on game dynamics.  Minecraft is.  There are monsters in Minecraft that can kill you.  That makes it a game first and a shared virtual world that you can build things in second.

Minecraft has no documentation and instead relies on social networks and players posting tips, tutorials and crafting recipes. When you first launch Minecraft you are placed in a world with nothing and no clear idea of what you are suppose to do.  Very quickly you realize not only are you not alone but that you are in danger.  Night falls fast on your first day and if you don’t do a few basic but important tasks you will die.

There are 138 video results for “How to survive your first night.” If I had not watched one of them I would have had no clue how to do it.  A Google image search for Minecraft yields 776,000 results.

I am sure all of this seems pretty basic but there is much more beneath the surface (haha.)

First off, Minecraft is in Alpha, is written by one guy named Notch and is bringing in $250,000 per day at $13 per instance. Top 24 hours period brought in $350,000.

Secondly, Minecraft has a mining resource called Redstone.  With redstone you can make wires and energy sources.  What could you do with that?

So why does Minecraft matter?  Its an indie game that has made it big because of social networks. It is very basic but very deep.  Its just getting going and already people have showed many amazing creations.

This is old now but is still amazing.  What blew me away, if you get that far in the video, is that he didn’t do it procedurally.  When you get over to the big beach he shows you were he dug out all the sand to make the glass blocks.  I still don’t really know what to think.


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Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.


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