MyFord mobile app and the Focus Electric

Ford announced today the availability of a new mobile app for the iOS, android and Blackberry platforms as well as an HTML5 version that can even be viewed with older feature phones.

From the press release: “We’re putting battery charge and vehicle range information, along with an interactive, data-driven trip planning app right at customers’ fingertips,” said Ed Pleet, Ford Connected Services manager. “That’s going to get drivers involved and excited about the electric car ownership experience.”

“Ford recognizes the electric vehicle ownership experience is going to be new for just about everyone,” said Pleet. “Our goal is not just to provide the most practical, enjoyable electric car on the market, but also to give drivers the information, applications and resources they need to feel confident about choosing fun, environmentally conscious transportation.”

The press release has an extensive list of all of the features provided by the app but as usual the one that is most interesting is the ability to charge the car in the middle of the night when power rates are the lowest.

The app is not in the iTunes store yet which is not surprising since they have not even announced the Focus Electric yet, but are suppose to later on today. I did check out the Destinations page and it looks like they released another update on the 6th, version number 2.7.1!  The new comments do not include a bunch of log in issues so I guess they fixed it for now.

Update: Engadget has a good post about the Focus Electric: “Power is provided by a liquid-cooled (and heated) battery pack developed in conjunction with LG Chem and, while we don’t have a curb weight yet, we’re told to expect a car that handles just as nicely as standard Focus does — which is rather nicely indeed, we might add. What we don’t know, crucially, how much it will cost. That is an answer to be revealed sometime before its 2013 release.”

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