The year of the connected car

My favorite wireless blog dailywireless has a great post about all of the telematics announcements at CES this week. There is a nice break down of Ford’s Sync, Audi’s in-car multimedia system, OnStar’s personal connection, Toyota’s Entune, and Hundai’s Blue Link.

The most interesting thing I saw was ng Connect.  Its a broader platform than just telematics but it is a LTE solution for connecting cars and other things to the internet.

From the website, “The must-have option for your next car probably won’t be a sunroof or leather seats—it will probably be LTE-enabled applications for safety and security, diagnostics, convenience, navigation and infotainment. You’ll be able to access these applications not just from your vehicle, but also from your home or cell phone.

This is the vision driving ng Connect’s engagement with leading automotive makers and suppliers. Together we’re leveraging mobile connectivity to create a whole new world of possibility for drivers.”

The consortium is lead by Alcatel Lucent. “The establishment of the ng Connect program is an important step in our strategy to create an open ecosystem so that the trusted capabilities of service providers can be combined with the innovation of the web to bring whole new classes of services to market, services that can leverage the growing capabilities of service aware IP networks, IMS and more. The ng Connect Program is dedicated to bringing this ecosystem to life.” said Tim Krause, Chief Marketing Officer, Alcatel-Lucent.

From the ng blog, “During ng Connect’s ongoing interactions with automotive manufacturers as well as other industries, we’ve realized that virtually all of them regard connectivity as a key piece of their strategies for the future. Many people don’t realize that the technology to unify connected services already exists, and full integration thanks to LTE rollouts will be here soon. Mobile operators, automotive manufacturers and applications developers alike are all searching for ways to improve the value of their services by taking advantage of next generation networks – which is where ng Connect comes in.” said Steve West, VP of Emerging Technology & Media, Alcatel-Lucent.

An internet enabled car is going to be a game changer in the automotive industry, allowing new interactions between cars and things like paying at the pump (or plug.)

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.


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    […] interesting player is QNX, who is using the ngConnect platform: “QNX is a major player in ngConnect, a 4G/LTE group led by Alcatel-Lucent, and is owned by […]

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