Billtomobile adds Sprint to its direct mobile payments platform

BilltoMobile announced today that it BilltoMobilehas added Sprint its roster of US carriers. BilltoMobile allows third party companies to leverage the carriers billing system to allow for mobile purchase of virtual and eventually physical goods.

From VentureBeat: “With BilltoMobile, you simply indicate that you want to pay with your mobile phone number and enter the phone number. Then you get a secure text message on your phone. You then enter the code on the web order. BilltoMobile makes sure that the purchase appears on your next mobile phone bill. Transactions can be completed in 15 seconds and users don’t have to enter a long 16-digit credit card number that they haven’t memorized.”

BilltoMobile - how it works

BilltoMobile - how it works

It took BilltoMobile around 2 years to break into the US market and was able to do it by providing evidence of proficiency in the Korean market.  From a Gigaom post, BilltoMobile CEO Jim Greenwell explained how it happened and where they are heading.

BilltoMobile CEO Jim Greenwell

BilltoMobile CEO Jim Greenwell

“We’ve done a lot of proof of concept. We had to convince a carrier that we will take care of their subscribers. That’s hard to do without evidence,” Greenwell said. “When we talked to the carriers, we had to present a financial grade system.”

“One of the things carriers do well is they do an efficient job of getting the bills out with correct charges,” Greenwell said. “That’s an incredibly efficient machine. All we did was say, ‘Take care of what you’re good at and levarage that with your consumers.’”

“Look for the digital goods market to take off this year and in six months, we’ll see some non-digital goods as well,” Greenwell said. “It will be variety of things. Anything that’s an impulse sub $50 buy.”

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