The future is “all about electric vehicles”

NRG David Crane

NRG CEO David Crane

At a recent conference, Jefferies Global Clean Technology Conference, NRG CEO David Crane made some interesting remarks about his company and the role of electric vehicles in shaping the future.  I can’t find much about the conference but Gigaom’s Katie Fehernbacher was there and got some of the key statements.

Speaking to a room primarily full of investors Crane said, “The green technology industry needs to improve its interface with the American consumer. Everyone in this room has a vested interest in electric vehicles becoming successful,” and the future is “all about electric vehicles.”

“You can’t count on a steady stream of state policy. The focus shouldn’t be on government, but on the American consumer. We’re getting to a point where cleantech needs to stand on its own.”

NRG, the Texas based utility, is rolling out its own charging infrastructure program, starting in Houston, called eVgo.  Fast Company described the effort as follows: “The charging network is an effort to break what NRG CEO David Crane calls the “chicken and egg cycle around electric vehicles.” To let drivers stop worrying which will come first, the electric car or the electric car infrastructure, NRG is taking the first step and investing $10 million into Houston’s public system. The city will have 50 fast-charging stations by summer 2011; the first ones will pop up in February.”

NRG's eVgo

The NRG eVgo charger outside of Walgreens

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