CHARGE Anywhere: mobile payment on the Nexus S

Tender types offered in the Andriod app

RWW has a post about the mobile payment company CHARGE Anywhere‘s new integrated payment system for users of the Nexus S via NFC.

According to RWW: “CHARGE Anywhere, a mobile payments company and gateway provider, has introduced a system that enables the Google Nexus S phone to function as an NFC-enabled mobile payments terminal. Using a mobile application downloaded to the device, merchants can accept NFC payments using just their Nexus S smartphone. An optional printer and swiper enables merchants to accept traditional credit card payments as well.”

From the company product site: “Turn your Android device into a mobile point-of-sale solution to process card payments, check payments and more.

Accept cash, credit card, check, and ACH payments anywhere from your Android phone or tablet with CHARGE Anywhere®’s award-winning Mobile Payment App.

Qualify for the lowest credit card processing rates and print receipts with an optional Bluetooth® card reader / receipt printer.

Premium features include advanced reporting, multiple clerks, tax, tips, payment location, signature capture, QuickBooks® integration and much more.”

From CNET: “The Charge Anywhere payment platform has always stayed ahead of the payment technology curve and by adding NFC payments ensures that our partnering financial institutions, mobile network operators, and distributors always have the most competitive advantage in delivering secure payment technology,” Charge Anywhere CEO Paul Sabella said in a statement.

CHARGE Anywhere isn’t exactly killing it in the social space with six Facebook likes and 160 Twitter followers.

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