BMW EVolve: EV readiness campaign

BMW activeE Activate the future - Are you EV Ready?BMW’s EVolve campaign is the most compelling and comprehensive push into the consumer mindset for switching to electric vehicles of any car manufacturer to date. The campaign features:

  • a four part documentary movie with some heavy hitters talking about big concepts of change,
  • an iPhone app that let’s you track your current driving habits to see if you are compatible with an EV vehicle (probably yes!)
  • a web base dash board that let’s you do something.  I have not gotten to that part yet.

The about section frames up what BMW is trying to accomplish with the campaign and points to future initiatives connected with the electric vehilce awareness program. From the site:

BMW i8

“What is the future of mobility? As megacities become more mega, how will we get from A to B?

BMW began its exploration into the answers with “Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films About the Future of Mobility”. Influential academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs stirred the imagination with their unique visions of the past, present and future of technology, cities, and transportation.

Now, the conversation has shifted to BMW’s first all-electric vehicle—the BMW ActiveE. Are we ready for EVs?

Can they be fun? Are they even functional? To learn more, we’re inviting users to become Collective Engineers. By sharing driving data through the BMW EVolve app and the EV Dashboard on this site, users can find out if an EV fits their lifestyle and how one will impact both their wallet and the environment around them. The collective data will help BMW engineer the next generation of BMW EVs.

Over the coming months, BMW will begin recruiting drivers to make history in the first-ever Field Trial for the upcoming BMW ActiveE. Sign up for updates to stay informed.”

The BMW ActiveE

As an added bonus the engineers at BMW will be compiling the data the app collects to optimize their understanding of how people are driving to improve the overall performance of the cars.  And the car in questions is the BMW ActiveE From the site: “Powerful. Innovative. Incredibly efficient. The all-electric BMW ActiveE has finally arrived. Beginning this fall, a test fleet will launch its first field trial in America, providing valuable insight to the everyday use of electric transportation.

As a milestone for BMW EfficientDynamics, the all-new BMW ActiveE achieves emissions-free mobility without compromising an incredible performance. It’s a groundbreaking vehicle that can travel around 100 miles on one charge, depending on the conditions, with the power to accelerate from 0-60 in under 9 seconds.”

The movies are really worth a watch and start at a very high level before beating you over the head that its time you get a BMW electric vehicle. The only share options are for Facebook. Twitter, Digg and Delicious so they kind of messed that up but you can go here to view them all.

I have downloaded the app but have not tested it in the car yet.  I will do that on the way home. Its a slick looking app that just tracks your routes.  From the site: ” Using the BMW EVolve, data from your current driving habits will help determine if a BMW  ActiveE or an upcoming BMW all-electric  vehicle will be right for you. So put down the  gas pump and start embracing the feeling of electric goosebumps.” There are only three reviews on the iTunes site so its probably still brand managers and developers congratulating themselves in public but we will see if it builds up any traction.

Here’s a screen shot from the iTunes store if you don’t feel like going over there:

BMW EVolve iPhone app

Once you enter your driving information and track your route your information is entered into the BMW dashboard so you can see how much gas you would save driving an EV and earn badges for some kind of usage activity.

BMW ActiveE dashboard

BMW ActiveE dashboard

The BMW ActiveE campaign is a 360 view for consumers of how and why EV’s are the future of driving.  I decided to ask Daniel Soder, executive creative director at Think Inc. what he thought of the campaign. Daniel said, “The BMW activate the future campaign integrates crowd sourcing, mobile and the web dashboard to present a seamless campaign in a clever and smart way that educates the consumer while gathering real data from potential customers for BMW to analyze.”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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