NFC mobile coupons on Android

A company called Ingenico is working on NFC triggered coupons for mobile phones on the Android platform. The system will supposedly push coupons to a shopper when they enter a store.  Mobile coupons have been DOA in the US for a while now but maybe this effort will hasten their acceptance

From the news story: (translated)

“We develop applications with them to transform it terminals for transactions to take” via a technology called contactless payment NFC (Near Field Communication), said CEO of Ingenico, Philippe Lazare, at a meeting with journalists. Google wants a system where, when you enter a store or the retail store example, you receive a discount offer on your phone. At the checkout, you can benefit from this reduction” by approaching the text Ingenico payment terminal, which will be able to read and save on the bill,” he said. “Google does not launch in the payment for now, but it will do one day or another,” he further commented.

Ingenico CEO Philippe Lazare

From Ingenico’s website:

The payment solutions industry is rapidly changing today, and Ingenico intends to keep on providing its customers with the secure, innovative, end-to-end solutions they are looking for. Our durable solutions are just what they need to confront the latest challenges in the payments market, to build customer loyalty and to generate additional revenue.”

Philippe Lazare, CEO at Ingenico

Ingenico recently made news by acquiring the US transaction processor Hypercom.

From the press release:

“The acquisition of Hypercom’s U.S. business is a major step in our strategic development and notably to accelerate the adoption of contactless NFC technology,” commented Philippe Lazare, CEO of Ingenico. “This will enable us to accelerate our presence in the U.S., the world’s largest payment terminal market, through a promising combination of innovative product offers, expertise and extensive customer base. We are delighted to welcome Hypercom’s U.S. team into the global family of Ingenico. I am confident that Thierry Denis, along with the combined U.S. team, will successfully strengthen and expand our presence in the U.S. payment solutions market, which we consider to be one of the key strategic target markets for Ingenico.”

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