Sequent’s breakthrough NFC infographic

Sequent CEO Drew Weinstein

We heard Sequent CEO Drew Weinstein stumble through a discussion of how NFC enabled credit cards “can now be surrounded by your merchant’s value added capabilities,” thereby making it an “interactive” purchase experience. Now, with a new company name, Drew and team offer up the NFC info-graphic to end all NFC info-graphics.

Describing themselves as “the leading software solution for near field communications (NFC) payments for mobile devices in North America,” Sequent takes its place in history with a selfless contribution to the NFC community.

I am going to post it big just so you can soak it all in:

Mindbending depiction of the raw power of NFC transactions

I am a little worried about the dotted line in between the arrows – possible opportunity for a man in the middle attack?  Hard to say.

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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