Minecraft: Ghibli World

Its been a while since I posted a Minecraft video. This one is really over the top.  An Oz Workshop production posted by oznolera, I present Ghibli World.

If you can read Japanese check out the annotated pictures here.

More back story from Mindcraft Sandbox:

“Imagine taking the world of every Studio Ghibli* movie and recreating it in Minecraft in pain-staking detail…

Oznolera did just that. This breath-taking showcase reel reveals the worlds of “Castle in the Sky”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirited Away”, “Porco Rosso”, and “Future Boy Conan.”

The map is available for download here if you would like to explore these worlds yourself in the actual game.”

* Studio Ghibli, Inc. (株式会社スタジオジブリ Kabushiki-gaisha Sutajio Jiburi?) is a Japanese animation film studio founded in June 1985. The company’s logo features the character Totoro (a large forest spirit) from Hayao Miyazaki‘s film My Neighbor Totoro. It has its headquarters in Koganei, Tokyo.[1]

Several anime features created by Studio Ghibli have won the Animage Anime Grand Prix award including: Castle in the Sky in 1986; My Neighbor Totoro in 1988; and Kiki’s Delivery Service in 1989. In 2002, Spirited Away won a Golden Bear and an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, which remains the only film made outside the English-speaking world to have done so.” Wikipedia

Another one by oz:

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