Apple waits on NFC

I guess its a foregone conclusion that the iPhone 5 or 4S that’s suppose to be coming in September will not have a NFC chip. I was hoping that Apple would start including NFC chips in its phones and tablets but I can understand why they are going to wait.

Business Insider reports on a Bloomberg headline that Wall Street research firm Bernstein says NFC is out for the Fall release.

The conclusion from Gigaom: “While Apple may miss out on some early learning experiences regarding NFC by keeping itself out of the game, it can probably catch up on any tricks it might miss with strategic acquisitions down the road. And until NFC proves it has something to offer that consumers want to buy, it’s not doing much good for Google besides providing interesting tech demos for developer conferences, anyway.”

That seems about right to me.  Its going to take a while for all of the many players to line up for mobile transactions of any kind to take place.  But once they do its going to be a big market.  Again from Business Insider: “(Also, Bernstein says NFC can add $15-$30 billion in incremental revenue for high end mobile companies. Apple, with 20% of the high end mobile market, could end up with $4-$9 billion in extra revenue. We don’t have the full report, so we’re not sure how Bernstein comes up with those numbers.)”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.


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