Zaarly launches

Today Zaarly officially launches its web and mobile matching service.  Its been a fast rise for the new company having just presented a proof of concept in February and then speeding to a beta for SXSW. They guys have been busy on all fronts, releasing videos of the four founders talking about the unique aspects of their product as well as a video ad.

From USA Today: “People need a simple way to get what they want from people around them,” says Zaarly CEO Bo Fishback, who has had several successful start-ups. “We capture the value of urgency — finding a seamstress in an emergency, that killer hamburger in your area, whatever.”

Take a look at the ad.  I think this is the shape of video advertising for new companies and companies that would never consider hiring an ad agency to produce a really expensive 30 or 60 second spot for a TV media buy.

Zaarly Introduction from Zaarly on Vimeo.

Techcrunch describes the service:

“People or businesses nearby can access and see your request and then anonymously message each other to complete the transaction of delivering the cupcakes you want. Sellers bid for the tasks, and the buyer chooses the best one, with Zaarly connecting the two via an anonymous Twilio-powered phone number. You can use cash or Zaarly’s integrated credit card payment system to pay for the transaction.”

And in one of the comments from Techcrunch we see VRM referenced:

Mary Hodder· Berkeley

“This feels like a VRM (vendor relationship management) play along the lines of what Doc Searls has been working on for 4 years at the Berkman Center at Harvard. The question I have is: do users control their own data as they interact with the Zaarly system and can they take it with them into a Personal Data Store/Locker/Bank? And ultimately, will they be able to create their Personal RFPs through their Personal Data Stores using the Zaarly marketplace?”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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