Billtomobile goes global

Billtomobile - mobile payment through carrier billing

Its not on the Billtomobile site yet but RRW is reporting that the company is set to take its mobile payment system global, opening up its service to over 200 carriers in 60 countries. Billtomobile lets customers pay for services with the charges handled by their carrier’s existing billing system.

From the Billtomobile site:

“Bring new users and new revenue to your business by offering the latest in Direct Carrier Billing. Capture impulse purchases, lower checkout friction, and reduce chargebacks with BilltoMobile. BilltoMobile is the only mobile payments provider offering a billing platform which is directly integrated into the billing systems of all major U.S. carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint

That means that your user’s transactions are processed in real-time. The mobile number is validated, authenticated, and approved at the time of the transaction. Additionally, direct integration with the carriers results in the best rates for merchants. Whether you sell virtual goods, virtual currency, software, online services or content subscriptions, the BilltoMobile financial-grade payment platform will help your business achieve incremental revenues with lower mobile fees and fewer refunds.”

From RRW:

Billtomobile CEO Jim Greenwell

“The new global service offering will launch in May, BilltoMobile reports. In addition to Danal Co., Ltd. and U.S.-based Mobile First, BilltoMobile will also add one or two more partners that will allow it to expand to other parts of the world where it finds gaps in its current coverage.

But the company still has its work cut out for it. As Jim Greenwell, president and CEO of BilltoMobile notes, “the global payments market – and in particular the EU – is still very fragmented, and no one payment company has been able to establish the consistency and clear cut ‘best operations and rates’ globally that BilltoMobile has been able to attain with our Direct Carrier Billing service in the U.S.”

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