Mobile commerce and “default business models”

RRW has a post about why you should care about companies like Groupon and LIvingSocial.  The meat of the post is that mobile broadband is changing the way consumers make purchases and companies that enable purchases and take a small cut of the transaction are the wave of the future. In addition to the increase in mobile broadband capabilities, poster Sean Ammirati points to the trend of big companies that formerly relied on advertising as a primary business model moving towards commerce. He sites both Google and Microsoft’s move into commerce enablement as signs that there is a broad industry shift.

What’s interesting to me is the steps the author recommends for entrepreneurs looking to get into the new mobile commerce space.  They are:

  1. A key enabling technology will be near field communications (NFC). Between increasing the speed that devices can synchronize remotely (think Bluetooth without the pairing process) to enabling purchases from mobile devices it’s very likely that NFC will become a core enabling technology for this trend. If you haven’t checked out our series on ReadWriteMobile about NFC I’d encourage you to go read every post immediately!
  2. There are a few books in every industry that represent a number of the “first principals” either explicitly or implicitly understood by most of the market. From people I’ve talked to in the retail business, I understand  Why We Buy to be one of these books. It’s worth picking up.
  3. Finally, we’re going to have an outstanding panel at our upcoming RWW 2Way Summit: “Mobile Payments, NFC and Your Future Wallet”. If you haven’t registered for the event, do so today with the promo code PAYMENTS and get $200 off your ticket price. If you want to start to understand the payments part of this equation, you can look forward to insight from Qualcomm, Intuit, Mastercard & Rovio.

Two out of three mention NFC and while the third point is a blatant plug for the upcoming conference, it does point to the growing awareness and importance of NFC for many different companies.



About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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