ECOtality’s Blink Network to partner with Sears

ECOtality has a post up today about its partnership with Sears to install Blink Pedestals (Level 2 chargers) in 10 Sears locations.  The two companies are working to determine which 10 locations will be the first to get the chargers but they expect to be installed by the end of the summers.

From the post:

“We are thrilled to have Sears supporting The EV Project,” stated Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality. “Sears is committed to corporate environmental responsibility, and their dedication is exemplified by working with ECOtality and installing Blink chargers at various Sears’ locations. By aligning with companies such as Sears, consumers will be able to charge at locations convenient to their lifestyles. This program strengthens our Blink Network and allows consumers greater access to EV charging at commercial and public locations.”

“Sears is very excited to participate in this program because it gives us the opportunity to be part of a greater initiative supporting the next wave of clean transportation. It will also help us better understand how we can support our EV-driving customers by providing needed conveniences today and in the future,” said Mike Brown, director, Environmental Sustainability for Sears Holdings.

Blink L2 Pedestal

Level 2 Pedestal Charger

The Blink Level 2 Pedestal charging station is well-suited for any commercial or public location. The sleek design and intuitive product features are perfect for retail locations, restaurants, hotels, public parking areas, schools, apartments, office buildings, and airports. The Blink Level 2 Pedestal charger is classified as a Level 2 (240 volt AC input) charging station.

Blink Pedestal charging units are now being installed at a variety of commercial and public locations across the country. The ability to recharge at work, retail, restaurant, or other public locations provides an added convenience and confidence to EV owners, knowing that there is always a Blink charging station nearby.

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