IEEE: 5 technologies for the future of the web

IEEE Spectrum has a special report about the future of social media and the web.  There are a number of good and some not so good articles but the one I liked is about 5 technologies that will shape the “new” web.

The article lists the following as trending technologies:

  1. The Mobile Web Will Be a Smarter Web
  2. Video Is Poised to Inundate the Web
  3. Everyday Objects Will Join Our Social Networks
  4. Web Data Will Explode, and That’s a Good Thing
  5. Voice and Gestures Will Change Human-Computer Interaction

For the astute reader, there is nothing new here:  location aware, semantic enabled mobile computing, video, the internet of things, big data and voice/gestures.  All of these have been in the works for years, some like voice control of computers have been around for decades without much progress.  Let’s not let that stand in the way of some pull quotes from trendy people.

The Internet of Things:

Many of these connected devices will use Android, so Google will benefit from the trend, though it has to figure out how to integrate their data in their search index. Facebook isn’t there yet, because what is missing is the social layer in those devices. But Facebook is so big—they will figure something out.
—Jeff Clavier, Investor, SoftTech VC,

Sensors will pump a ton of new data into the Internet. What’s most fascinating is what will be built on top of that new data, which makes it likely to produce deeply disruptive new start-ups and companies. The next Google or Facebook may well be an Internet of Things company.
—Richard MacManus, Blogger, ReadWriteWeb,

Go check out the whole thing but don’t expect much new.

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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