Google installs Coulomb electric vehicle chargers

Google has installed 71 Coulomb electric vehicle chargers at its Mountain View headquarters and has plans to install up to 250 with a goal of having 5% of its parking spaces EV charging enabled.

From the Coulomb press release:

“Google continues to drive innovation and leadership in the workplace. The results of their clean transportation efforts are remarkable, taking the equivalent of over 2000 cars off the road every day,” said Bret Sewell, Coulomb Executive Vice President.  “We are proud that the ChargePoint Network plays a key role in this success by providing Google a complete electric vehicle charging solution.”

From Rolf Schreiber, Technical Program Manager, Electric Transportation, Google:

“To juice up our new cars and provide more charging options for Googlers, we’ve been working with Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint® Network to continue to expand our EV charging infrastructure. We’ve added 71 new and faster Level 2 chargers to the 150 Level 1 chargers we’ve installed over the last few years, bringing our total capacity to more than 200 chargers, with another 250 new ones on the way. The ChargePoint Network provides us the charging data necessary to track and report on the success of our green transportation initiative.”

The ChargePoint Network:

“The ChargePoint Network makes plug-in electric vehicle use a practical reality for drivers who can now top off their vehicle batteries wherever they park – at home and at convenient public locations such as at work, or at the marketplace. Drivers prefer the network because makes it easy for them to locate available public charging stations along their commute route and to track their vehicle’s charging performance from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Drivers rely on the network to keep them informed of their vehicle’s charging status at all times.”

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.

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