Neul launches White Space radio system

Billing itself as the first White Space radio, Neul announces the launch of the NeulNET white space radio system. Its been a while since the FCC ok’ed the spectrum for unlicensed use and appointed the nine White Space database administrators so its nice to see a product finally hit the market.

From the press release: (PDF)

“There is up to 150MHz of high quality white space spectrum available. For comparison, typical nationwide 3G networks operate with a mere 30MHz of spectrum, and while 3G spectrum costs $bns, white space spectrum will be available free of charge To use white space, systems must meet very stringent technical specifications to prevent interference with television equipment and wireless microphones. NeulNET is the first wireless system to meet these conditions, including the FCC‟s challenging adjacent channel power specification.”

NeulNET is the first radio system specifically designed for TV white space that meets all FCC/Ofcom regulations and in particular the stringent Adjacent Channel Power specification.

“For many M2M applications, modems using cellular (2G & 3G) technology are too expensive and/or consume way too much power,” commented Allen Nogee, Research Director at In-Stat, and a keen observer of M2M and white space trends. “Neul‟s very novel M2M solution, using available white space spectrum, is a perfect solution for those applications requiring a low-cost, ultra-reliable connection that consumes very little power and supports very high device densities and capacities.

“Neul aims to unite parties interested in white space by presenting compelling technology, an industry standard, and a vision of how the white space spectrum can best be used. This industry needs a new holistic approach. Given the enormous technical and business acumen of the team, I see a bright future ahead for white space and for Neul.” added Nogee.”

Neul CEO James Collier

“White space delivers a huge amount of much-needed new capacity to meet the current and future needs of the M2M market,” commented James Collier, CEO of Neul. “But it presents significant technical challenges. In order to utilise the enormous potential of white space, the industry needs low-cost radios based on an industry standard. NeulNET radios, built around the new Weightless standard deliver this. Neul is at the forefront of white space developments, enabling, developing and defining the future local broadband and M2M networks.”

Neul is not shy about the potential for the White Space. On its “markets” page it lists the following as areas the company expects to introduce products and service.

  • Machine-to-Machine communications
  • Electronic media and content delivery
  • Continuous monitoring of, and firmware upgrades for cars
  • Traffic management and road pricing
  • Asset tracking of goods on the move
  • Networking for the smart grid
  • Remote health monitoring and diagnosis
  • Rural broadband
  • Networking of electronic shelf labeling and point of sale terminals for retailers
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Home and industrial building automation, security and control
  • Defense & security

If you don’t see something on that list you like you are probably reading the wrong blog.

About Daniel Davenport

Daniel is a digital media executive with internet and broadcast experience. Daniel is currently the executive strategy director at THINK Interactive.


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