HaloIPT wireless electric car charging

Another inductive car charging system hits the market with HaloIPT announcing its partnership with Drayson Racing to bring wireless charging to the UK. HaloIPT calims to won the intellectual property behind the wireless charging systems that provide “stationary and dynamic in-motion charging for electric vehicles.” The in-motion ability seems new but the claims of IP are not.

The HaloIPT system doesn’t seem like its going to be in market for some time but they are currently in testing for the stationary system with the Rolls Royce 102EX.

From the HaolPT website:

“The amazing thing about your new HaloIPT-enabled electric car is that, whether traveling long distance or parking, you never think about charging it. You don’t even have to, because it’s all done automatically. This is one reason you decided to invest in one.

Other reasons? You like the flexible billing that works in your favour. You like the always-on data network that steers you to your destination and keeps you connected to the web wherever you are. And you really like the charging options, whether parking or on the move, at home or at work, fast or slow – or even being paid to put energy back into the grid.”

From the press release:

Lord Paul Drayson

Lord Paul Drayson, co-founder of Drayson Racing said: “Dynamic wireless charging will be a real game-changer, enabling zero emission electric vehicles to race over long periods without the need for heavy batteries. Motor racing is the ideal environment to fast-track the development of this promising technology and to prove its effectiveness. This is a milestone innovation that will have a dramatic effect not just on racing but on the mainstream auto industry. We’re looking forward to putting this technology through its paces as it charges electric race cars at speeds of up to 200 mph.”

Dr Anthony Thomson, CEO of HaloIPT, said: “HaloIPT’s technology has a proven heritage in dynamic charging and we are excited to be transferring this expertise to the electric vehicle market. The deal with Drayson Racing demonstrates the appetite for technology that makes driving an electric car more convenient, and this is certainly the case in the motorsport sector – nothing could be more convenient than a race car that re-fuels itself on the track.”

IPT system

From the tech specs: (PDF)

“HaLoIPT’s wireless charging systems are being developed with a focus on increased performance, with improved coupling, efficiency, transfer gap, power and lateral toler- ance to mis-alignment. Controlling magnetic field emissions represents a top priority for HaloIPT.

Intellectual property rights are held in specific technology areas:

  • power supply design
  • transfer and receiver pad magnetics
  • control electronics
  • communications
  • safety systems
  • product design, materials and construction
  • software logic

In addition, novel technologies have been developed which describe broader integrated systems. These include: dynamic charging – where eVs can be charged on-the- move and dynamic power control – which allows utilities to control the level of power to multiple vehicles preventing them from overloading the grid.”

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