Ford Evo: the future of connected cars

Ford Evo

Ford has been on a roll and it continues with the IFA show in Berlin.  Ford is showing off a concept car called the Evo. In addition to the stylish looks the EVo will be a truly connected car, with applications that link it to the home network as well as the power grid to manage everything from charging to entertainment.

The concept video is introduced by Ford Motor Company’s chief technology officer Paul Mascarenas, who gave an interesting overview of the direction of Ford in a recent interview: “The car of tomorrow is becoming more connected.  Customers can now bring their connected devices into the vehicle but increasingly what we are seeing is vehicle to vehicle communication through WIFI and GPS.  Once we have a connected car infrastructure we can not only provide a safer driving environment we can also provide traffic and congestion management.”

Quote from Wired article:

“The possibilities are fascinating when we explore how to enable a seamless lifestyle between home, office and car linked by access to the driver’s personal information,” said Ford Chief Technical Officer Paul Mascarenas. “We’re researching how we can use patterns or preferences set by the driver to make life simpler. The car gets to know you and can act as a personal assistant to handle some of the usual routines of a daily commute.”

Connected car concept video:

Mashable looks at the connectivity applications of the Evo:

“The vehicle’s designers want the car to always be connected to the cloud, which will allow it to know the driver’s work schedule, constantly keep tabs on traffic and weather conditions, and assist and monitor the driver in an attempt to “enable a seamless lifestyle between home, office and car linked by access to the driver’s personal information.”

According to Ford, the vehicle gives its driver the ability to tap into this “personal cloud” of information at any time — for example, picking up where the driver left off on that favorite song he or she was listening to inside the house. The vehicle’s smart systems monitor its driver’s “physical state and workload,” adjusting the car’s handling, heating, cooling and music to suit the driver’s level of alertness, perhaps even keeping him from falling asleep.”

In a follow up post, Mashables reviewes some additional factors of car connectivity:

“Chris Cedregen, managing director for Iceology, a market research firm, says Sync was an immediate hit, which had a halo effect on the Focus. “It brought the car to a younger audience, which is hard to do,” he says. Cedregen adds that consumers continue to be enamored with Sync. “It’s amazing how often [Ford owners] rave about Sync without being asked,” he says. “They like the connectivity.”

“Appealing to a younger demo is tricky business these days, though. The average twenty-something is no doubt eager to be able to access Facebook in their car, but that’s not going to be an option on Sync anytime soon. Monty says that reading tweets are a different story, since they don’t require that much concentration, but “a Facebook update could be a lot longer.”

And some car porn:

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