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Ninja Fruit encorporates NFC

Following the launch of Angry Birds with Nokia of a NFC-based version with special unlockable content, Ninja Fruit announcements its version of an NFC enabled game. This continue the trend of looking beyond pure mobile transactions as the primary use of NFC technology.

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Reading Forrester: What the Post PC era really means

Forrester has a new report out today that maps out the post-PC era of computing. (Paid report here) Its written from a product development point of view and has some good information but leaves out one of the biggest and most interesting post-PC platforms: telematics.

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QR Code summer: its just a flesh wound

You know things are bad when a positive headline like “QR Codes Hope to Be This Summer’s Breakaway Hit” ends with the realization that its do or die for the 15 year old QR Code technology. QR Codes have been around for so long. In North America the strangle hold on consumer cell phones combined with the lack of adoption of a QR Code reader “on deck” (meaning on the software platform approved and provided by the carriers) has meant no QR Code adoption by anyone.

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Angry Bird: NFC 101

You may have seen companies like Apple, Google, VISA, Verifone, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and a whole host of other big companies are getting behind NFC as a payment transaction facilitator for mobile devices. But you know its real when Angry Bird enters the equation. Ryan Kim at GigaOm points to a recent version release of Angry Bird that requires NFC tagging to unlock levels.

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Pandora and the Connected Car

RWW is doing a series looking at how media consumption on non-computer devices is effecting user experience design and today they look at Pandora use in cars. Its been a long road (haha) but we are finally starting to see a general awareness of internet enable vehicles as being a good thing.

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CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia and CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Nokia kills Symbian, partners with Microsoft

In a not so surprising move, Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership for making Windows Noika’s primary smartphone strategy. Nokia will phase out Symbian and move all of its platforms to Microsoft.

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NFC updates in Android Gingerbread 2.3.3

Google is rolling out additional NFC functionality in its Android APIs. It has not added the payment functions yet but apparently will soon.

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Orkin Bug Battle

Orkin Bug Battle iPhone app

The Orkin Bug Battle iPhone game launched in the iTunes store today. I guess its ok to say that we developed the game at Think. Working with Orkin has been great and I think we really put something out that will be fun and entertaining while extending the Orkin brand into a new space and a new demographic.

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Electric vehicles and charging networks

EVs need to charge to run and home charging is only part of the solution. Charging networks like Blick represent a sea change in the American transportation and lifestyle fabric.

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Pandora CTO: cars need an internet connection

Techcrunch interviews Pandora CTO Tom Conrand at CES and he talks about the next big growth phase for Pandora, the car. Tom says that 50% of all music listening happens in the car. Right now they are leveraging smart phones because of connectivity but the future is automobiles having their own internet connection.

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