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In-game ad spends

From eMarketer: “Globally, it’s estimated that video game advertising will grow nearly 23% a year over the next five years. The main reason? Everyone is playing.“ From the MIT Adblog: “eMarketer projects that $295 million of the 2007 total will be spent on in-game advertising and that spending on advergaming (the creation of games for […]

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Why marketing in Second Life doesn’t work (right now)

James at GigaOm has a great article about the lack of interest Second Life residence have for marketing in world. From the post: “Teleporting is to SL Advertising What the Channel Clicker is to TV Ads The standard means of travel in SL is point-to-point teleportation, near-instantaneous transit from one x,y,z location to another. (Though […]

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Google In-game Advertising: Adscape

Google has just purchased Adscape, an in-game advertising network like Massive/MSFT. From the Google Adscape purchase FAQ: “Q. Why did Google acquire Adscape Media? A. In-game advertising is an area where we believe Google could add a lot of value to users, advertisers and publishers. Adscape Media’s technology and talented team are a great addition […]

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