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NFC adoption: 4 to 6 years out

American Express group president Dan Schulman says that wide spread adoption of NFC technology is four to six years out. Schilman cites one key but sometimes overlooked issue: its not a value proposition change, its a form factor change.

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American Express’ Serve adds Verizon

American Express’s payment service Serve has announced that it will be available in partnership with Verizon over the coming months. The Servedigital Wallet let’s users easily make purchases via their cell phone without having to enter in lots of credit card data. The move builds on previous announcements that Verizon will integrate with Payfone’s pass through carrier billing service, which American Express has also partnered with.

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Isis signs the four major credit card companies

Isis announced today that it has signed up all four major credit cards companies to join its NFC mobile payment platform. Isis has had some issues, including a really bad website, but it doesn’t seem like its going to go away quietly. The biggest advantage for Isis is that merchants will have an easier time incorporating the platform.

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American Express flirts with NFC

American Express announced a global mobile payment service today in partnership with its new partner Payfone. The partnership will combine Payfone’s payment authorization and processing services with American Express’s recently announced Serve digital payment offer.

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