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Billtomobile goes global

Its not on the Billtomobile site yet but RRW is reporting that the company is set to take its mobile payment system global, opening up its service to over 200 carriers in 60 countries. Billtomobile lets customers pay for services with the charges handled by their carrier’s existing billing system.

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Parmy Olson - Forbes

NFC payments: the great disruptor

To me its not so much will Apple crush Nokia, which it probably will, but will alternate consumer point of sale systems provided either through access to carrier billing systems, through device providers via NFC or through existing consumer credit card relationships like Starbucks kill a big portion of the credit card industry’s business model?

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AT&T and Sprint: mobile payment

AT&T and Sprint both announce new mobile payment solutions in the US. The mobile commerce/payment market is expected to be worth $633B by 2014, so its a huge opportunity anyway you look at it. However, when you add virtual goods into the mix and alternative “currencies” things really start to heat up.

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