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BMW activeE Activate the future - Are you EV Ready?

BMW EVolve: EV readiness campaign

BMW’s EVolve campaign is the most compelling and comprehensive push into the consumer mindset for switching to electric vehicles of any car manufacturer to date. The campaign features a four part documentary movie with some heavy hitters talking about big concepts of change, an iPhone app that let’s you track your current driving habits to see if you are compatible with an EV vehicle (probably yes!) and then a web based ash board that let’s you do something. I have not gotten to that part yet.

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Siemens & BMW: Wireless Electric Vehicle charging

Siemens and BMW announced Tuesday at Hannover Messe 2011 that they will be testing a prototype in May that will use inductive energy charging to charge electric vehicles. EV’s would be able to roll over charging stations and not need to plug in a cord, which would be ideal for service cars like taxi cabs because it works even during a short stop.

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BMW KeyAccess

BMW experiments with NFC integration

Carrying around a bulky keyfob to check into a hotel or pay for a hotel is such a narrow use. There will be little way to interact with the fob beyond accessing it with a computer which kind of defeats the purpose anyway. I think it would be much more interesting if the car was NFC enabled and the car paid for gas or hotel rooms and then sent the ticket confirmation to your NFC enabled cell phone.

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Pandora CTO: cars need an internet connection

Techcrunch interviews Pandora CTO Tom Conrand at CES and he talks about the next big growth phase for Pandora, the car. Tom says that 50% of all music listening happens in the car. Right now they are leveraging smart phones because of connectivity but the future is automobiles having their own internet connection.

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The death and rebirth of television

Wired has a multi-part story on television’s history and potential future. From “The TV is Dead. Long live the TV:” “Traditional TV won’t be here in seven to 10 years,” says Kim Moses, co-producer of CBS’ popular Ghost Whisperer, who has just launched a short-form version of her own show online. “It’s changing so fast […]

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BMW in Second Life Part 2: Achim Muellers

A follow up to this interview. Update: I reordered and edited this to make it more readable. Linda Zimmer:Montgomery Silverstar: do you see this is primarily an exercise in social networking or non-traditional market research or perhaps you have a different label? Munich Express: well at this point in time it is wide open and […]

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BMW in Second Life: Achim Muellers

Linda Zimmer has an extensive interview (in-world) with BMW’s Munich Express, also known as Achim Muellers, Head of Brand Relations and Cooperations at BMW. If there are any car manufactures out there thinking about how to use Second Life you should go read the whole thing. Highlights: “[9:03] Munich Express: i guess everybody has a […]

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