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Cisco Internet of things infographic

Its the summer of infographics! This time its from Cisco and its about the Internet of Things. As the internet and data connectivity expand to more and more devices the traffic from all of the connected devices is set to explode. Cisco wants to be at the center of that explosion and made this nice graphic to demonstrate the potential opportunity.

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Colin Read, ECOtality VP Corporate Development

Cisco and ECOtality: car charging data

Cisco and ECOtality announced a partnership today to respond to the impending onslaught of data produced by electronic vehicles charging on the smart grid. With most R&D partnerships there is a fairly distant horizon for any real consumer facing products, but in the case of Cisco and ECOtality, that time frame is 2011.

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Cisco buys Arch Rock

Cisco continues its push towards smart grid technology with the announced purchase of Arch Rock. From Gigaom: “With the acquisition of Arch Rock, Cisco will now own a wireless mesh network technology product that can connect smart meters to utilities’ control stations and could link up to its other building automation services, its box for […]

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Cisco’s Connected Home

From Linda Zimmer: “John Chambers, CEO and Chairman of Cisco is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show tomorrow. His speech will focus on the “connected home,” which is one of the areas Cisco has targeted as a key growth area in the coming years. To coincide with the topic and […]

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