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ECOtality’s Blink Network to partner with Sears

ECOtality has a post up today about its partnership with Sears to install Blink Pedestals (Level 2 chargers) in 10 Sears locations. The two companies are working to determine which 10 locations will be the first to get the chargers but they expect to be installed by the end of the summers.

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ECOtality: Blink Network fanboy brand video

When I found the media room section on the ECOtality site it seemed like a great opportunity to make something. I got together with Jason Vise and Tom Kounelis and put together a little video that we think quickly describes the value proposition of the Blink Network. We got Lindsay Starke to do the voice over. Check it out!

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Colin Read, ECOtality VP Corporate Development

Cisco and ECOtality: car charging data

Cisco and ECOtality announced a partnership today to respond to the impending onslaught of data produced by electronic vehicles charging on the smart grid. With most R&D partnerships there is a fairly distant horizon for any real consumer facing products, but in the case of Cisco and ECOtality, that time frame is 2011.

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Sprint and ECOtality

In a recent keynote speech at the Detroit Economic Club, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse talked about his company’s role in several telematic initiatives. One of those was a partnership with ECOtality. Sprint provides wireless connectivity to more than 15,000 Level 2 stations and Level 3 stations that make up ECOtality’s Blink Network.

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