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Ford adds solar panels to electric car package

Ford and SunPower are teaming up to bring solar panels to buyers of Ford electronic vehicles. The solar panel will charge things other than the cars but the idea is to offset the power needed to charge the cars each night.

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Coulomb’s cloud service for electric vehicle chargers

Coulomb Technologies, creator of the ChargePoint Network, announced that it will be providing a cloud based service for electric vehicle charging station managers. The service, being launched at Plug-In 2011, will allow charging station operations granular control over measurement, management, and billing services. In addition to station management services, Coulomb will be providing driver services including 24/7 driver support, billing options and mobile phone applications that allow drivers to locate and check availability of charging stations.

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Google installs Coulomb electric vehicle chargers

Google has installed 71 Coulomb electric vehicle chargers at its Mountain View headquarters and has plans to install up to 250 with a goal of having 5% of its parking spaces EV charging enabled.

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UTC: Gearing up for electric vehicles

UTC ( Utilities Telcom Council) has a new expensive report about the effect of a growing marketplace of electronic vehicles on the power grid. The short story is that a careful dance of planning and preparation will have to take place to be ready for a meaningful roll out of electric vehicles.

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Electric vehicles: the tip of the Smart Grid spear

Auto makers are already pushing hard to deliver EV’s in all major markets and as they do the utility companies, distributed power management systems, home energy smart meters and smart appliance makers will get carried in its wake as consumers suddenly have a vested interest in how energy is produced, generated and consumed. EV represent a game changing transition for the US market in particular and represent the tip of the spear for smart grid adoption.

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Siemens & BMW: Wireless Electric Vehicle charging

Siemens and BMW announced Tuesday at Hannover Messe 2011 that they will be testing a prototype in May that will use inductive energy charging to charge electric vehicles. EV’s would be able to roll over charging stations and not need to plug in a cord, which would be ideal for service cars like taxi cabs because it works even during a short stop.

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NRG David Crane

The future is “all about electric vehicles”

Speaking to a room primarily full of investors Crane said, “The green technology industry needs to improve its interface with the American consumer. Everyone in this room has a vested interest in electric vehicles becoming successful,” and the future is “all about electric vehicles.”

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ev plug

Reading Accenture: Plug-in Electric Vehicle Pilots

While there are many challenges ahead for wide spread adoption of electric vehicles, there is little doubt that it is an evolutionary direction we will be forced to take. Accenture’s Energy Group released a report on the 17th about the challenges of plug-in electric vehicle pilots around the world.

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Electronic vehicles: more range, less cost

I think charging EVs could present the biggest growth driver for pretty much everything in America for the next ten years and beyond.

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