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Electric vehicles: the tip of the Smart Grid spear

Auto makers are already pushing hard to deliver EV’s in all major markets and as they do the utility companies, distributed power management systems, home energy smart meters and smart appliance makers will get carried in its wake as consumers suddenly have a vested interest in how energy is produced, generated and consumed. EV represent a game changing transition for the US market in particular and represent the tip of the spear for smart grid adoption.

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BMW activeE Activate the future - Are you EV Ready?

BMW EVolve: EV readiness campaign

BMW’s EVolve campaign is the most compelling and comprehensive push into the consumer mindset for switching to electric vehicles of any car manufacturer to date. The campaign features a four part documentary movie with some heavy hitters talking about big concepts of change, an iPhone app that let’s you track your current driving habits to see if you are compatible with an EV vehicle (probably yes!) and then a web based ash board that let’s you do something. I have not gotten to that part yet.

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NRG eVgo

NRG’s eVgo launches in Dallas

NRG has opened its first level 2 charging station in Dallas today. NRG CEO David Crane will be holding a webcast this afternoon at 2:40.

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The road to one million EV’s by 2015

The Department of Energy released a report (PDF) detailing the plan to reach 1 million electric vehicles by 2015 to meet the goals President Obama set in his State of the Union speech earlier this year.

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MyFordMobile app: hands on demo

Gigaom has a video interview with Ed Pleet of Ford showing the features of the new MyFordmobile app. In the interview Ed goes over the basics of how the app let’s you manage charging your car remotely, find charging stations, plan trips, see your driving trends and has a game type rewards system that allows you to earn badges for energy conservation that you can then post to your Facebook page or Twitter account.

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Electric vehicles and charging networks

EVs need to charge to run and home charging is only part of the solution. Charging networks like Blick represent a sea change in the American transportation and lifestyle fabric.

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Sprint and ECOtality

In a recent keynote speech at the Detroit Economic Club, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse talked about his company’s role in several telematic initiatives. One of those was a partnership with ECOtality. Sprint provides wireless connectivity to more than 15,000 Level 2 stations and Level 3 stations that make up ECOtality’s Blink Network.

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Electronic vehicles: more range, less cost

I think charging EVs could present the biggest growth driver for pretty much everything in America for the next ten years and beyond.

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