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Facebook: Deals and Credits FTW

A new York Times article announces the launch of Facebook Deals for five cities in the US: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. Deals will be easily shared with friends via email or wall posts and is going to potentially be free for merchants. With an install base of 600 million members and 100 million mobile users (2010), Facebook is set to put a hurt on Groupon’s valuation.

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Facebook Credits

Facebook credits: global fiat currency

At some point I knew someone would figure out why GS was so interested in Facebook and why Facebook credits are the potential new coin of the realm. And so it goes, Ben Kunz writes, “Facebook, Your Future Bank: Forget sharing photos. Mark Zuckerberg may soon manage your finances.”

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AT&T and Sprint: mobile payment

AT&T and Sprint both announce new mobile payment solutions in the US. The mobile commerce/payment market is expected to be worth $633B by 2014, so its a huge opportunity anyway you look at it. However, when you add virtual goods into the mix and alternative “currencies” things really start to heat up.

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