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A White Space phone!

WOW!!! I am going to be crushed if this is an April Fool’s joke. Microsoft and Noiki’s new partnership is going to produce a phone that uses the White Space! Daily Wireless has the scoop: “Nokia and Microsoft are expected to officially announce the new white space initiative in Brussels, Belgium, this June, where they will demonstrate phones and tablets based on the new system.

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MasterCard M/4 Chip

Gemalto recieves certification from MasterCard for NFC

Business Wire reports that Gemalto has received certification from MasterCard for its UICC-embedded software application being compliant with Mobile MasterCard® PayPass™ M/Chip 4, the brand new MasterCard payment specification designed for mobile near field communications (NFC).

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Apple: MVNO 2.0 and then some

Gigaom’s Stacy Higginbotham had a great post last week based on a Bloomberg article about Apple’s new plans for a universal sim card and back end “pairing” service provided by Gemalto.

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