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iPhone & Android OS update infographic

The Understatement blog compiles a nice infographic of the update history for iPhone and Android OS, highlighting the fragmented ecosystem of Android phones in the wild.

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Apple: MVNO 2.0 and then some

Gigaom’s Stacy Higginbotham had a great post last week based on a Bloomberg article about Apple’s new plans for a universal sim card and back end “pairing” service provided by Gemalto.

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Orkin Bug Battle

Orkin Bug Battle iPhone app

The Orkin Bug Battle iPhone game launched in the iTunes store today. I guess its ok to say that we developed the game at Think. Working with Orkin has been great and I think we really put something out that will be fun and entertaining while extending the Orkin brand into a new space and a new demographic.

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Apple NFC: $6.2 trillion American market

A Bloomberg article covers the likelihood that the next generation of iPhones and iPads will be NFC enabled. With its already establish market position in online commerce via iTunes Apple could position itself to tap into the $6.2 trillion American credit card transaction ecosystem.

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Starbucks mobile payment app

Starbucks mobile payment app

Starbucks announced a nationwide mobile payment app for the iPhone and iPad that extends its Starbucks card and loyalty program to a mobile app.

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Cartrip: OBD-II hardware interface

Cartrip connects your post 1996 car to your smart phone or tablet and allows you to check your cars performance by collecting data on fuel consumption, acceleration, top speed and engine diagnostics.

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Ford SYNCs with smartphone apps

Even though its just for Ford Festas the whole SYNC platform is making solid progress and its not hard to imagine some kind of open API for smart phone app developers to use to make their apps work with the voice control of SYNC.

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Giant plans and small boxes

Its been a year since I last posted. It feels like even longer. Scanning for inspiration today I stumbled across a post by Chris Brogan that seemed timely. Here are the main points: “Decide what matters most. Articulate it in the largest possible way. It’s easier to drill down when you have the larger goals […]

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Smartphone browser shootout

Information Week looks at the Palm, Blackberry, HTC and the iPhone. Go read it all or just read this: “The good news, as you might expect, is the Apple iPhone. The genius of Apple is its ability, over and over again, to completely reinvent, from the ground up, the user interface for hardware, and to […]

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GigaOM 5 top trends at CTIA

From GigaOM: Mobile TV Mobile Ads iPhone and mobile UI Lack of compelling new handsets Mobile user generated content Those are all fairly safe, it will be full of conference buzz, picks. I do think its a little strange that lack of compelling new handsets comes right after the iPhone. The iPhone is the only […]

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