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Snake Garden 2012 on Pinterest

I have followed Pinterest and used it for THINK but I really had not used it until now. I needed some content and a theme to work with so I picked the garden project. Snake Garden is now in its second incarnation. Produced in conjunction with Jason Vise.

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DragonCon 2011: Cylons and Minecraft pigs

I jumped down to DragonCon for a few minutes with my friends Jason and Eddie. I have not been before, which for someone that has lived in Atlanta for 20 plus years is a really sad thing. It was super crowded and there were plenty of freaks and geeks. Steampunk was a popular theme but I liked the scary Alice in Wonderland girls.

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ECOtality: Blink Network fanboy brand video

When I found the media room section on the ECOtality site it seemed like a great opportunity to make something. I got together with Jason Vise and Tom Kounelis and put together a little video that we think quickly describes the value proposition of the Blink Network. We got Lindsay Starke to do the voice over. Check it out!

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