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Turner signs deal with Kaneva (updated)

I don’t see any press releases about this but here is the word from Paid Content:“Now the Time Warner division will try for a relationship with a little more depth, signing a one-year deal with Kaneva to build and test virtual worlds for its entertainment networks. Turner gets access to Kaneva’s technology and tools to […]

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3D Web

Newsweek has a big article up about the 3D web. From “The Coming Virtual Web:” “They suggest that before long, the Internet of the future, and the vast wealth of information and services on it, will look different: slicker, more realistic, more interactive and social than anything we experience today through the Web browser. “Three-dimensional […]

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Kaneva’s impending beta

Chris Klaus and team are doing the promotion tour. 3pointD: “the demo reel I saw showed a system that seemed to combine the expressive power of MySpace with the social power of There.com, and which was a nice way to bridge the 2D and 3D online worlds without worrying too much about things like “immersion.” […]

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