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Ford’s Microsoft problem

The entirely rational leaders at Ford saw the need to improve their products and distinguish them in a crowded market. Its been obvious for a long time now that the car would get internet access and additional “smart” capabilities. Ford looked around and chose Microsoft as its technology partner.

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Microsoft leads White Space consortium in UK

Microsoft and a group of companies including BBC, BT, Nokia, Samsung and BSkyB are set to begin trails this week of the White Space spectrum for mobile broadband services in the UK. In the US the White Space has been a favorite of tech companies and the ban of existence for traditional cellular and local broadcast providers. The FCC cleared the White Space for use back in the Fall of 2010 but its been slow going getting to a consumer ready offering.

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Microsoft and Toyota: Connected Car in the Cloud

Microsoft and Toyota announced today they will form a partnership to deliver next-generation telematics solutions for Toyota’s customers. Telematics can range from GPS to in car emergency call services but also include remote battery charging management in new electronic vehicles.

From the press release: “TMC’s goal is to establish a complete global cloud platform by 2015 that will provide affordable and advanced telematics services to Toyota automotive customers around the world.”

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A White Space phone!

WOW!!! I am going to be crushed if this is an April Fool’s joke. Microsoft and Noiki’s new partnership is going to produce a phone that uses the White Space! Daily Wireless has the scoop: “Nokia and Microsoft are expected to officially announce the new white space initiative in Brussels, Belgium, this June, where they will demonstrate phones and tablets based on the new system.

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Microsoft SpecNet

White Space: Microsoft’s SpecNet

Daily Wireless reports that Microsoft will release a paper (PDF) next week about its SpecNet analyzer for shared White Space use. The SpecNet solution: “We demonstrate the value of SpecNet through three applications: 1) remote spectrum measurement, 2) primary transmitter coverage estimation and 3) Spectrum-Cop that quickly identifies and localizes transmitters in a frequency range and geographic region of interest.”

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CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia and CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Nokia kills Symbian, partners with Microsoft

In a not so surprising move, Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership for making Windows Noika’s primary smartphone strategy. Nokia will phase out Symbian and move all of its platforms to Microsoft.

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WhiteFi – unleashing the whitespace

Microsoft introduces a new approach to utilizing White Space spectrum so that it will act like WiFi but have a much greater range.

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Microsoft’s olive branch to Hollywood

PaidContent points to a recent MSFT hire that shows renewed signs of bridge building to Hollywood. From Variety: “Wall Street media and entertainment analyst Kathy Styponias is going to Microsoft, where she will lead the business development team that forges partnerships with Hollywood. Styponias, who worked for the past 12 years as the senior cable, […]

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CBS to use Silverlight for user submitteed video

CBS partners with Microsoft for that “Always on” goodness. From the press release: “Central to our ‘Always On’ strategy has been the desire to create an interactive environment where our audiences can participate in the local broadcast process,” said Jonathan Leess, President and General Manager of CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group. “This project, using […]

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Techcrunch has an in-depth review of Silverlight. From the post:“Silverlight is excellent technology and those asking why developers and application providers won’t just stick to flash only need to look at XAML, the runtime speed and size and the flexible options with programming languages combined with very strong multimedia support to start to see the […]

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