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Mobile Wallet round up

Mobile wallets have been a hot topic for the last several years. The complexity of the offering combined with the numerous players implicated has meant that technical advancements are not always in line with business considerations.

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Future of Mobile Money – infographic!

Infographics are so last year but this one from SapientNitro is really good. Going beyond the usual numbers and stats, the infograph actually tackles some of the main problems facing mobile money adoption and clearly delineates the players, the paths and the potential.

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Osama Bedier, Google’s vice president of payments

Paypal sues Google

Following Google’s announcement of the Google Wallet, Paypal files suit (PDF) against two Google employees. Osama Bedier, Google’s vice president of payments, and Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s vice president of commerce,are both charged with using confidential information from Paypal in their roles developing Google’s mobile payment product.

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Google Wallet and Offers

Google Wallet and Mastercard

Techcrunch is at the Google “partner event” in NYC today and as expected Google has annoucned its NFC payment initiative with partners Citi, Mastercard, FirstData, and Sprint. Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s VP of Commerce, also introduced Google offers which allows consumers to redeme coupons from and initial roster of retailers including Macy’s, Subway, Walgreens, and Toys R Us.

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Isis capitulation good for NFC

When Isis announced it would abandon plans to form its own payment network it was a clear indication that the telco carriers are willing to be assimilated in to the existing transaction player’s systems. In many ways this consolidation is a good thing for the advancement of NFC transactions and the mobile wallet.

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Isis: “to avoid falling further behind”

Isis has not made much of a splash since its announcement last November. The one piece of news out from Isis is a beta trial in Salt Lake City for transit payments. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Isis may have scraped plans to build its own network and is looking to fold into existing payment networks from VISA and Mastercard.

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American Express flirts with NFC

American Express announced a global mobile payment service today in partnership with its new partner Payfone. The partnership will combine Payfone’s payment authorization and processing services with American Express’s recently announced Serve digital payment offer.

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Reading Forrester: Mobile payments enter disruptive phase

Forrester has a new paid report out titled “Mobile payments enter a disruptive phase.” Its a good read but doesn’t have any earth shattering conclusions. If you have been playing along most everything you will have already read.
First they define mobile payments: “A transaction in which the transfer of funds is initiated using a mobile phone — excluding the “voice” function of the device.”

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NFC payment terminal

The problems with NFC and mobile wallets

Its good to see a little bit of push back to the recent hype around NFC mobile payment solutions. When I wrote the “No mobile wallet in 2011” post back in December I highlighted several key issues, the main one being point of sale infrastructure. In a post today at Techcrunch, Erick Schonfeld talks about that as well as consumer behavior problems, merchant issues and the elephant in the room, credit card companies.

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Bill Zielke

Mobile wallet: why credit cards are not the future

Bill Zielke, senior director of Merchant Services at Paypal, dropped by Mashables to talk about why credit cards are not the future of online payment. He made a good case for why credit cards don’t work for online commerce but also made the point that soon mobile devices will also challenge the credit card industry

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