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Mobile Wallet round up

Mobile wallets have been a hot topic for the last several years. The complexity of the offering combined with the numerous players implicated has meant that technical advancements are not always in line with business considerations.

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Paypal, Verizon, Isis and the promise of NFC

Yesterday Paypal announced NFC integration for its shop and pay mobile transaction service. Paypal has made a number of moves and acquisitions lately so its not a big surprise. On the other hand Verizon is touting NFC for more than payment systems, which for the time being is probably going to be a hotter and more consumer ready use of the technology.

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Osama Bedier, Google’s vice president of payments

Paypal sues Google

Following Google’s announcement of the Google Wallet, Paypal files suit (PDF) against two Google employees. Osama Bedier, Google’s vice president of payments, and Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s vice president of commerce,are both charged with using confidential information from Paypal in their roles developing Google’s mobile payment product.

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Paypal buys Fig Card

Quickly following the Visa investment in Square, Paypal announces its purchase of Fig Card. Fig Card is a low cost, point of sale USB credit card reader that makes it easy for merchants to take credit card purchases using existing equipment.

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Bill Zielke

Mobile wallet: why credit cards are not the future

Bill Zielke, senior director of Merchant Services at Paypal, dropped by Mashables to talk about why credit cards are not the future of online payment. He made a good case for why credit cards don’t work for online commerce but also made the point that soon mobile devices will also challenge the credit card industry

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Google’s NFC mobile wallet

I guess this is all stemming from the Google purchase of Zetawire last year. That in addition to the Google Places push and the Nexus S phone would seem to indicate that Google is in fact going to make a big push for NFC payments, now.

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Bling Nation: Money on a sticker

Bling Nation and PayPal announced a partnership to provide NFC payment solutions that can connect with Facebook and Foursquare via a sticker placed on a phone.

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