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Parmy Olson - Forbes

NFC payments: the great disruptor

To me its not so much will Apple crush Nokia, which it probably will, but will alternate consumer point of sale systems provided either through access to carrier billing systems, through device providers via NFC or through existing consumer credit card relationships like Starbucks kill a big portion of the credit card industry’s business model?

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Google: mobile wallet in 2011, Schmidt stepping down as CEO

In an article on the Harvard Review, Google CEO Eric Schmidt talks about Google’s 2011 strategic initiatives, and they are all mobile. The second is about mobile money.

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Google Places and NFC

With the new Nexus S phone coming out, Google is launching a test of its NFC functionality for Places in Portland. From the site: “Nexus S can read information from “smart” tags, or everyday objects that have NFC chips in them. These can be anything from stickers and movie posters to t-shirts.” You can’t use […]

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