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Clown Co, NBCU and Peacock Equity

NBC is out in front today with two stories. The first is a head to head about web video with Sab Kanaujia, vice president for digital product strategy at NBC Universal and Steven Starr, co-founder and chairman of Revver. The second is a somewhat strange interview with NBC Universal Chief Digital Officer George Kliavkoff. From […]

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Diet Coke/Mentos Video Meme: Three Winners, One Loser

When two guys spend $300 dollars making sodas explode by adding candy to them who wins? The soda maker, Coke? “It’s an entertaining phenomenon,” said Coke spokeswoman Susan McDermott. “We would hope people want to drink (Diet Coke) more than try experiments with it.” McDermott says that the “craziness with Mentos … doesn’t fit with […]

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