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Square lands in Apple’s online and retail locations

Mobile payment app and hardware provider Square gets a big boost today from its inclusion in the Apple online store and will begin selling in Apple retail locations this week. Square is aimed at the lower tie of credit card processing, a level or two below the sweet spot for larger companies like Verifone.

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Verifone NFC terminal

Google to install NFC payment terminals in NYC and SF

This is kind of a rumor mill post but Engadget is reporting that two insiders have said that Google is planning on buying thousands of Verifone NFC payment terminals to install in New York and San Fransisco stores. Since the Nexus S is the only device that currently has an NFC chip one would think that Google knows that there are more coming int he next four to five months, given that is the stated time frame of the roll out in NYC and SF.

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Jack Dorsey

Verifone calls out Square

Just a few short days after Verifone CEO Douglas G Bergeron announced that his company would be including NFC capability in all its new POS systems and outlined six virtuous rules they would follow to lead customers to the promised land, the hit job commenced.

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Verifone CEO Douglas Bergeron

Verifone: NFC in all POS terminals

Big news out today that Verifone will roll out NFC enabled point of sales terminals for all new hardware. The announcement is significant because right now retailers have to pay around $200 for NFC enabled terminals.

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