Sprint and ECOtality

In a recent keynote speech at the Detroit Economic Club, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse talked about his company’s role in several telematic initiatives.  One of those was a partnership with ECOtality. Sprint provides wireless connectivity to more than 15,000 Level 2 stations and Level 3 stations that make up ECOtality’s Blink Network.

Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality

Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality

From the press release: ““We are pleased to continue to partner with leading, innovative companies like Sprint. With Sprint’s M2M technology, our Blink EV charging stations are provided with the reliable wireless connectivity necessary to conduct a variety of business services – from monitoring and electronic payments, to advanced capabilities via the Blink Network, stated Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality. “EV drivers will be able to depend on our chargers for smart operation, intuitive features, and reliable connectivity.”

The Blink Network provides solutions for residential and commercial uses and recent introduced a new fast charging stations called DC Fast Charger.

Blink Network: DC Fast Charger

Blink Network: DC Fast Charger

“Benefits of ECOtality’s Unique Commercial Charging Station Design

  • Simplified 2-piece design; separate Grid Power Unit (GPU – containing the power electronics) and charging station allow for ease of installation and design aesthetics
  • Exterior treatment and graphics fully customizable for rebranding
  • 42” LCD display for optional media and advertising
  • Adspace available through the Blink Network to provide
    additional revenue
  • Connects with AMI Interface & Smart Meter capability for
    demand response and energy management
  • Dual ports for increased user access and availability
  • Beacon light and window for increased visibility”

Warning: this video is just motion graphics of product shots. It is still kind of cool just to get to see them all.  Turn off audio.  Posted below is the three seconds of information from the video if you don’t want to watch any of it.

ECOtality's The EV Project

ECOtality's The EV Project

This one is better.

Update: Dailywireless has a new post about Sprint, M2M, the connected car and connected transportation: “Connected Transportation helps companies optimize, schedule, monitor and track deliveries, personnel and vehicles and enables drivers to waste less fuel looking for delivery destinations, gas stations and other locales.”

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